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Tintin Gup

5 years ago

Nuclear Fizzzion

Nuclear Fission is dangerous but creates lots of energy for us. One problem is that they are very lethal to people.

Tintin Gup

5 years ago

What is Nuclear Power ? : The REAL Story

Nuclear Power is generated in a Nuclear power plant. The stories behind this huge monstrous power plants describe dangerous actions, like a power plant blowing up in Europe and causes millions of deaths and a number of cities being abandoned because of high levels of radiation. Nuclear power plants can be lethal, but they are also very good with producing energy. Another problem, with these monsters is that they cause lots and lots of pollution. This can lead to more global warming and cause lots of changes in the atmosphere.


5 years ago


Just wanna talk okay? Im 10 years old In fourth Grade i went to Townsend Elem. In del city OK And now in fifth grade im Gonna go to Epperly Elem. Ok anyone who knows mrs.gooden the ace teacher just tell me okay if u can?

Zainab Deshmukh

5 years ago

Why titanic sinked

Titanic didn't sink because of iceberg but it sink because of the direct challange of the ship owner to God


5 years ago

Cheese's holes/eyes

If there was no decline in swiss cheese holes in america, then there's probably hay in the factory, which causes the holes, not a different source.

Jon Reigelman

5 years ago

Wind Farm on I-65

This lesson reminded us of the wind farms we saw on I-65 last summer on a trip to Chicago. Unexpected and very cool to see!


5 years ago

Solar-Powered RV

We were camping at a music festival and saw an RV that was using a solar panel for power. We told them about Camp Wonderopolis!

Andrew Starks

5 years ago

What is paint?

We know paint used to be made using lead. What was lead replaced with for modern paint?


5 years ago


this is my first time and I've already done 4 cards in less than a hour


5 years ago

Astronaut Food Tubes

Wouldn't the powdered drinks in tubes just float out of the tubes cause of the loss in gravity? I'm Confuzzled.

azizzah spencer

5 years ago

wonder studios

from the ground up maker project is a fun activity because they will show the video first before making it

Andrew Starks

5 years ago

Cheese without holes

If swiss cheese gets its holes from CO2 and hay particles, why doesnt other cheese have holes as well?


5 years ago


Whoop! Whoop! I finally got all dem wonder cards! Get shrekt negativity that I can't achieve dis goal. HAH! HAH! HAH!

Jnascia Cadet

5 years ago


This program was a great success and of course I learned alot about different things like the Statue of Liberty and more.... This is also something I can go back to school with and show my 7th grade teachers what I learned during the break


5 years ago


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Lillian Boone-Pittman

5 years ago

I don't know

How do you change the icon thing that is at the top left corner when you login

kristy ramirez

5 years ago

do you know where the best tree house is?comment below if you do!

comment below if you now where the best tree house is!


4 years ago

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Paul Rhyne

3 years ago


4701. You need to remember this. I am writing to myself this because once I erase my memory I will need to remember this. The mission was to find the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System. This code will help you. From, your past self, Dough Rattman.


3 years ago

Is the Leaning Tower of Pisa Falling?

Yes, If you are near The leaning Tower of Pisa, Run, run away, fast as you can.

Kaylee Anderson

2 years ago

What is this??

I have no idea if anyone could see this but anyway. I was under the impression that if I did all of the Wonder Cards I'd unlock something like for example I would have something to design stuff in WonderStudio. :(:(:(: